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I found this location 4-5 months ago.  It is in the heart of Scottsdale.  No one knows about it, no one is ever there, it’s basically been abandoned and yet it stays pristine year round.    Its called a riverwalk.  It was built before the 2008 collapse and was intended to adjoin numerous commercial developments….

Business Woman in Wheelchair

Last Minute Cover Shot of Susan Sarandon

Okay, its not Susan Sarandon but I sure see a youthful resemblance. I  got a call on Thursday from an editor of a magazine.  He had a storyline about employment and was seeking ideas to expand the story and that include someone for the cover shot   We discussed maybe 2 other people when I…

cherice love-FINAL-7042

Cherice Love in Studio

Cherice Love (@chericelove) is a local singer and a model. So when we began discussing the latter, we quickly cooked up a photo shoot of her doing what she can really do – sing! I asked if she could bring a microphone. Preferably something old-school and she really delivered. Of course she makes the shots…

David Martin uses a wheelchair. He is a mechanic and a business owner.

Mechanic in Wheelchair Cover Shot

This is the type of assignment I love. Plenty of time, a budget, an art director (Rick at R Squared), willing models and a primo location. David Martin runs Martin’s Auto Repair in Phoenix. He’s one big dude who makes his wheelchair look incredibly small. Somewhat eerily, the art director and myself both know David…

Erik Hightower-3141 (1)

Erik Hightower, Paralympic Wheelchair Sprinter

Erik Hightower is on the Paralympic Team USA Wheelchair Track & Field Team.  He’s a sprinter.  He’s currently our fastest competitor in 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter.  I met Erik many years ago and have been following his career every since.  He’s currently training in Chula Vista, California. I was asked to take…


Professional Lifestyle Photos of a Nurse

My wife, Karla recently graduated from Nursing School. And she nailed the state nursing exam. So it was finally time to get out her resume and find a job. Getting a job was stressing her out.  So we decided to get some shots for her LinkIn account. We didnt have a hospital or doctors office…