Paratriatlon at Tempe Lake

Paratriathlon is a new paralympic sport. It will debut in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, Brazil. And these days many athletes are scrambling to qualify for Team USA in one of the five categories for the various types of disabilities.

And so there I was on a bright early Sunday morning in Tempe, Arizona getting some photos of Team SpoFit and all of the top athletes in from across the U.S. that were competing individually or with a club or college team.

I hate when event organizers dont give our rosters before the even. And in this case, even afterwards. So I cant tag the names to the photos but you can search those I knew or that had their name on their shirts at the Worthington Visuals gallery. <Results>

Last week I took a tumble and broke the lens hood on my trusty 70-200mm lens. B&H had said it would arrive on Friday #fatchance. I arrived and quickly realized how vital it is on a sunny morning. Next time I’ll improvise with duct tape and cardboard. Triathlon photos arent truly too exciting. Few head to head battles happen, no crashes and for the most part, the athlete is pacing themselves and quite composed. That doesnt add up to a whole lot of epic photographs but I do enjoy trying to capture how hard the sport is for the athlete.