Matching People & Places

I found this location 4-5 months ago.  It is in the heart of Scottsdale.  No one knows about it, no one is ever there, it’s basically been abandoned and yet it stays pristine year round.    Its called a riverwalk.  It was built before the 2008 collapse and was intended to adjoin numerous commercial developments.  I could herd a parade of swimsuit models here day and night and no one would know.

But instead I wanted to shoot someone who I knew matched this place. Jeanne Niemeyer is a local musician.  I met her a ways back and knew she’d be perfect for the spot.  She plays the kind of music you’d bring to a place like this.



We finally found a Sunday morning to meet up and take our first batch of photos.  I think we’ll go back in the evening as the place looks completely different without sun.  If she cant do it, I guess I’ll call some strippers.