Matching the Image to the Story

So a ways back there was a story about ‘Young Guns‘ within the world of Paralympics.  It included Chuck Aoki who is a top Wheelchair Rugby Paralympic athlete.  The story highlighted his talent, drive and cheerful personality – which is all true.  The (slight) problem I had with the story is that the cover shot shows Chuck in a bad mood (after a defeat). Why would the editor chose such an image?  I think the answer is that they had few choices of images.  The Paralympics are shot exclusively by Getty and my opinion Getty only shoots the bare minimum of adaptive sports (and the athletes) to meet their contractual obligations.

So Chuck is in town this week and I decided to use the opportunity to stock up on Chuck shots. I wanted to see if I could capture enough images that any editor could find a shot that matches his or her story.

It didnt take too long to get a ‘happy Chuck’ shot. Chuck was in a number of tight matches so I also managed to get some intense photos as well.

The Paralympic movement is happening and I think we’ll see progress in the way the athletes are portrayed. And while I am biased for obvious reasons, I do think Getty and other media outlets would get the poop together faster if the employed people with disabilities to be a part of the team. Yep, we can play rugby. Yep, we can take photos.