Paratriathlon Photo (plus a bit of Photoshop)

I all but hate working in photoshop. It is a chore for me. Im not good at it and I usually dont like the results. But after I photographed Allysa Seely, a Team USA Paratriathlon competitor last year I began to develop this image I wanted to create of her. I knew it couldnt be photographed as I wanted it. It would have to be built in photoshop. The biggest reason so is because I wanted to have motion and it had to be shot stationary.

I really wanted the hair to be flying so we brought in the fan. The hair kept tucking aerodynamically along her back so the final photo is basically hair free. We needed to mount the bike for balance but I also wanted her to be pedaling to assure the image looked real. So we included the trainer.


In the end, after many hours of rebuilding the tires and wheels and adding circular and forward motion, I am happy with the results. As usual, I’d love to shoot it again and photoshop it for another 10 hours but I think the image turned out as I wanted. The photo will now become a 48×36″ poster at