Quite a Contrast……………

Its been a while since I posted. The lapse is mostly due to how busy I’ve been. I am part of the creative team at Ability360.  We now publish LivAbility Magazine.  We dropped our 3rd edition last week.  Along the way I found time to photograph the subjects of two of the featured stories.  What I like about the magazine and in particular these two stories is how different these two people are, and yet they, like me both roll around in a wheelchair.

In both instances, I created photos that include a dark background.  One uses soft light, the other is quite harsh.  Josette as a quadruple amputee (that may not be quite right) who aspires to be a model.  She recently began driving and that’s where the story began.  We ended up in the studio taking quite a bit off to expose the readers to her confident relaxed demeanor in front of the camera.

livability III - josette

Shawn is a long time quadriplegic who I met in the gym.  Turns out he’s an MMA judge who is deep into the world of mixed martial arts.  He does a radio show about the sport and still takes on the heavy bag 3 times a week.  We back lit this image and used some aerosol fake fog to create the feel of a smokey boxing gym when in fact its the middle of the day in a perfectly normal looking fitness center.
livability III - Shawn

In both cases, the light equipment is virtually the same. Two lights. The big difference is the large softbox over Josette shot at maybe f6 to allow for ambient light and the direct flash at maybe f16 used on Shawn to kill the ambient light. I did not even open Photoshop for either image. Some quick adjustments in Lightroom and off they went.