Sled Hockey-5321

TeamUSA Women’s Sled Hockey Team vs. the Phoenix Coyotes

Spent the afternoon at a friendly scrimmage between the TeamUSA Women’s Sled (or is it Sledge) Hockey Team and the Phoenix Coyotes. The ladies are preparing for the Paralympics in 2 years. I opted to sit up high and shoot through the netting. Pretty happy with the results using the 400mm f2.8.

Players: Brynn Duncan (F), Minnesota, 19 – Christy Gardner (F), Maine, Elizabeth Mayberry (G), Ohio, 8 – Erica Mitchell (D), Illinois, 1 – Karen Smith (G), Connecticut, Katie Ladlie (F), Missouri, 20 – Kelly Lavoie (D), Connecticut, 11 – Kelsey DiClaudio (F), Pennsylvania, 5 – Khrista Matthews (D), Florida, 24 – Laurie Wood (F), Virginia, Maddie Eberhard (F), New York, 16 – Monica Quimby (D), Florida, 6 – Morgan Hosbrough (D), Ohio, Rachel Grusse (F), Connecticut, 30 – Robynne Hill (D), Colorado, Sarah Bettencourt (F), California, 18 – Susie Kluting (F), Michigan