Wheelchair Basketball – Sorta

worthington-9339_smI was asked to photograph a promotional campaign for the accessible seating program at Talking Stick Resort Arena which is home to the Phoenix Suns. The purpose of the images was to depict where the accessible seating was available and to demonstrate how much fun can be had at a game.

This type of shot poses a problem because you need to demonstrate the proximity to the action and also get plenty of space around the subject to allow the marketing department sufficient space to add all the text and additions stuff that makes an advertisement work.

Sure enough I found a spot with all the right ingredients. I positioned the model off to one side and instructed him what I wanted him to do when the teams came down the court. As luck would have it we had an enthusiastic kid with a big finger also in the frame. The Suns would only come this direction for half the game so time was pressing. Sure enough we got a breakaway slam dunk and the stars lined up. Model is celebrating, kid has finger in air and because it happened so fast, none of the other fans had time to stand up. Winner!

worthington-9339-ad_smIn my mind, the image alone says it all. But thats not how the business of marketing works. By the time everything gets added, my perfectly timed photo is all but consumed by a everything you could ever want to know about accessible seating. I gave them all this great flooring around the wheelchair and they just couldnt stop adding (and subtracting) information. Oh well. I’m happy just knowing I got the shot I wanted.

The tech details. Im using my beloved Nikon D800 with my seldom used 24-70mm lens. Im at f8 or better to get everyone in focus and my ISO is way way up there to all me enough speed to handhold the camera. I added some punch and clarity in Photoshop using Topaz Labs filters.