Halloween Cometh

Sandy Goleth (Model Mayhem) and I cooked up a photo shoot this weekend that included her Doberman, Nellie. It started out as she being a crime fighter.  I think the bloody machete sort of gave it a bit more of a crime instigator look, but nonetheless it was a fun afternoon of experimenting with light, wind & fog (hah sorta like the 70’s band).

This was very much a collaborative effort that included my photog buds, Jerry O’Connor and David Creighton.  I think this shot uses David’s D800 and my 24-70mm lens. Jerry is probably dancing between the fan and the fog machine. I was also rolling around taking shots with my CamRanger that was hooked into the camera.

We have a beauty dish above, two strips on each side, a hair light behind her, and then a 5th light bouncing of a reflector at the dog.  Once we got the lights dialed in, we added a fog machine in the rear and an oscillating fan on her.