Business Woman in Wheelchair

Last Minute Cover Shot of Susan Sarandon

Okay, its not Susan Sarandon but I sure see a youthful resemblance.

I  got a call on Thursday from an editor of a magazine.  He had a storyline about employment and was seeking ideas to expand the story and that include someone for the cover shot   We discussed maybe 2 other people when I mentioned Renee Tyree.   To those of us who know her it’s easy to see why she’d be ideal for a story that includes a person with paralysis who found ways to overcome and be successful.

What makes Renee’s story compelling is that she’s proved she can be successful in an adaptive sport (gold medal in womens wheelchair basketball), and that she can be successful in a career that has nothing to do with disabilities.  The latter to me is perhaps the most interesting because it’s in the real world’ that people must truly overcome perceptions and doubt about a person’s abilities.

Here’s the kicker;  Could I have the photos completed by Monday!   Just three days.

Renee travels a lot so the editor liked the idea of a shot in an airport lounge.  I explained that that would require planning, permission and some logistics.   I knew of a hall near some offices I frequent that might give the same basic impression so I snapped a few phone shots and sent them for consideration.

On Friday, I spoke to Renee who was on the east coast.  She was available for Sunday.

We spent maybe 30 minutes shooting.  Mostly it was moving the props and thinking out how they layout their cover.

Thanks to Renee for making it easy.  And hopefully if Susan’s publicist ever need some shots of her they know who to call.

For the tech heads, this is one Einstien 640 in a beauty dish with out the deflector.  I wanted the light to come from the ceiling down and there to be shadows under her chin, arm, etc.  Where you’d expect them.  So I placed the light up high pointing at the ceiling and a bit of the opposite white wall.  I’m using D800, at f5.6, 1/125th, iso 800.  Zero photoshop.