Lifestyle Photos of Two Girls Being Two Girls


Jessica Larsen is a friend who plays just about every adaptive sport I photograph. So we bump into each other a lot.  I mentioned to her that I thought she’d make a good model.  Mom brought her by and we shot some head shots.

So maybe three weeks after, an editor called.  I sent the shots over and she said she needed a pair of girls.  One in a wheelchair and the 2nd being able-bodied.  The two would be used for a cover story related to friendship and disability.

We shot for maybe 3 hours. Both in studio and on location at the museum at Tempe Lake. These two were very comfortable being themselves and I easily got 200+ photos that were quite good. In the end they modified the story line to include Jessica’s story about her life and the wonders of friendship of teenage girls in today’s society.

Geek Speak: In the studio, I shot at probably f11 and f13 to assure everything was in focus. On location, I think I shot at f4. It was mid day (ie damn hot) and we were all tired so I got a few quick sunny shots and then moved us in the shade of the Tempe Arts Building for what ended up being the cover shot.