Wheelchair Access at the ol’ Baseball Stadium

Yet another cover shot that was created in the bottom of the ninth.  I hate to admit it but we literally found our talent (Dan) as we arrived.  This photo was probably one of the first 5 frames.  We then drug him around the entire stadium getting another 100-200 shots of little use.  The reason we even shot 20+ frames at this place was because the scoreboard cycles at a slow rate and 50% of the shots have a blank scoreboard.  This one is just about perfect because the pitcher is in motion too.  John Groth wrote the article.

The photo is taken with one remote strobe in a 24″ softbox.  I’m using an ISO thats probably over 3,000.  The white balance was the tricky part as there’s a whole lot of fluorescent lights and I unfortunately didnt have a gel to use on my strobe.  So we adjusted in post a bit.