Photos for a Disability Survival Guide

I’m very lucky to have a full time job where they are constantly needing photography related to disabilities. AND there is a constant flow of interesting people (with disabilities)that I can usually coax into working with me to create interesting images for say a magazine! Check out ABIL & SpoFit.

So one day I got asked to reprint the Disability Manual. Uh, whats that I thought? I found it and was astonished at what was being past out with our community. I proposed a total remake. It took six months to redesign but it is truly unique. We renamed it the Disability Survival Guide (aka the DSG). I’m very happy with it’s design. I think perhaps two photos are not mine. Most of the images are re-purposed from prior projects. The photos are mostly lifestyle and portrait photos of people doing what they normally do in life. The cover is a buddy of mine, Mike Benge at a small urban lake just down the street. The image(s) of Mike have been used by myself and numerous corporate clients all over the world. They also get stolen more than any others!


If anyone is interested in receiving a copy, send an email to PamL@abil.org. If anyone out there thinks they need similar for their community – lets talk.