Sex, Relationships & Wheelchairs

Hands down this has been my favorite project I’ve ever worked on.  I had met Kaitlyn a time or two when taking basketball photos.  When New Mobility called about shooting their annual romance cover story I knew she’d be perfect.  And the best part of it all was I had plenty of time to plan out the 3 locations in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Sedona.

Each year the February edition of NM is about romance, sex and disabilities.   I knew in November I needed numerous images of Greg and Kaitlyn at their work, out exploring and then as I wanted the cover to depict.  Once I met Greg I had a pretty good idea what I wanted.   Basically it all came down to his and hers tattoos.  I wanted to bring them together and I wanted everyone to see Greg’s personality along with Kaitlyn’s beauty.

Given the nature of the images,  we shot at John Covington’s studio.  John always has great photo projects happening with fun people wearing just about nothing.  Once I submitted the images, the editor asked if we could let their Facebook friends select the cover.



I agreed but I would have really been disappointed if “sexy” did not prevail.  But I really like ‘Spirited’ too.  Its precisely how they act around each other.  In the end, the story featured some 6+ photos of the couple and I thought they went well with the story.