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@rollingphotogPeople always ask, ‘How long have you been a photographer?” Its not a simple answer. I can say I picked up a camera in 2004-2005. But I certainly didnt consider myself a photographer back then. I believe I finally grasped enough of the skills around 2011. So my current answer is four years.

in the 80’s I had a injury that plunked me in a wheelchair. I did my (rehab) time at Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado.  They tried to teach me how to deal with all the people who would be thinking or hinting that I cant be a photographer.  Truth be told, most just try to ignore me or hope I’ll go away.

I’m very lucky to work for an organization that hired me in part to take photos. So I shoot quite a bit of commercial work almost every day. If I’m not shooting, I’m planning a shot, or creating marketing material. I also have the time to photograph a lot of amazing people, and events for myself. Primarily I shoot sports, often adaptive sports such as Paralympic competitions. I also shoot editorial and commercial work for people and businesses that are often associated with the disabled community. And of course I really enjoy shooting all sports that may have fast moving objects, blunt force and cheerleaders.

I shoot Nikon. Currently I use the D4s and the D800. I own most lenses needed for any type of project. I have a studio and sufficient lighting.  My addiction in life is acquiring odd gadgets that allow me to take unique photos.



Q1: Hi.  I work for a non-profit organization.  We just love your photos.  Can we have them for free?
Answer:   Probably not.  You’re welcome to ask but I already donate my time and imagery to numerous organization who I believe benefit from the donation.  If you do want me to consider your cause, send me plenty of details.  Please be prepared for me to ask if you are being compensated for your time. If so, I’ll be curious why we cant both be appreciated commensurately.

Q2:  You took my photo at a recent event.  Can I have it for free?
Answer:  My photos are always for sale at www.worthingtonvisuals.com.  However, If you are an amateur athlete or similar, the answer is probably yes.  Sometimes I have to decline because I was hired by an organization that controls the distribution. But I am happy to provide a low-res Facebook photo for free.  My hope is you give me credit when and where possible.

Q3: What are your rates?
Answer:  I like this question!  The answer is that it depends.  I have daily rates and my photos can be licensed depending on usage.  The best way to get my prices as they apply to your project is to write me and explain why it’s such a cool project.




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  1. Benda Suhr says:

    I too shoot from a wheelchair. I’m pretty new at it and just started taking portraits this year. I was injured in 1978 did my rehab at Craig. Went back in 1980 for some more rehab.

    I currently have the Nikon D750 and the 85mm 1.8 and 50 mm 1.8.

    Would you have any advice you could share with me?


  2. Boro says:


    Looking for Web sites of persons with disabilities who are engaged in professional photography, I found your site.
    Since I am a professional photographer (no arm, no leg) I have a simple question?
    Do you know how many professional photographers with disabilities?
    Do any of the organizations or agencies seeking photographers with disabilities?

    Thanks for your time and answer


  3. Larry Roffee says:


    I am working with the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to develop a photography exhibit as part of their celebration for the 25th anniversary of the ADA. We would like part of that exhibit to feature large mounted and framed images of people with disabilities taken by photographers with disabilities. We want the images to just scream “Disability Pride.” Many of your images on your web site would be perfect for the exhibit. I would like to correspond with you about contributing images and give you more details.

    From reading your web site: I am a photographer (and a paraplegic), but my work certainly is not my only income. I am doing this Kennedy Center thing for free. I strongly believe that photographers should be paid for their work. I don’t like it when folks with disabilities are asked to do something that others would get paid for. I am working to get some sponsors for this part of the exhibit, so we can pay. I honestly do not know how successful I will be.

  4. i’ve been hunting around for any kind of organization of photographers with disability. i do mostly street and home-studio photography, and i’m itching to connect more with fellow wheeling photographers. i think of myself as a photographer who happens to be in a wheelchair. do you know of any organizations or groups of photographers with disabilities?

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